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My name is Tibera Flynt, I live in Canada. Since I was born, I have been "surrounded" by my parent's cats and then, by mines... I am a graphic artist and a (happy) cats photographer. For the time being, I have 37 cats (34 born at home and 3 wanderers).
Our "garden" is 15 acres, forest included. We built them a mini-house.
I have quality time with my 37 friends in the garden and the forest ... It shows in the pictures ... I hope you'll enjoy my blog and never hesitate to leave commentaries about my pictures. Thank you for visiting.
PS: French is my original language, so excuse language mistakes I could make.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Did you know it ? White cat

Some animals can be deaf. 90% of white cats are deaf or half-deaf. When they have blue eyes or orange eyes (yeah, it exits) their chances to be deaf is 100%. The same goes for horses (althouth 20% of them are deaf and 80% have cerebral cancer.)
Despite of his greens eyes, Arthur seems not to hear very well. I have to speak very ... loud.

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